Simone Asnaghi

Research & Interests
(that is, what I do in my spare time...whenever I've some!).

My PhD work was dedicated to the study of mathematical models reproducing interaction among Insulin and plasma nutrient (Glucose and Fatty Acid) working on two sides:

- quantitative study, using ODE systems to simulate beta cells responde, that is, the Insulin Secretion Rate related to variation of plasma nutrients like glucose and fatty acid (NEFA): my work is dedicated to the implementation of such model using Matlab, adapting previous proposed models for the interaction of substances (see, Mingrone-Salinari-Bertuzzi-Manco and Salinari-Bertuzzi-Asnaghi-Guidone-Manco-Mingrone) and other models related to Insulin Sensibility (Si), for a novel 3 hours test (not the classic 24 hours test), improving code efficiency.

- qualitative study, applying Petri networks (PNs) recently proposed for simulation of Biochemical Networks: my objective was to exploit PNs to simulate chemical reactions among Insulin and other substances, finding the best PN (the right topology and parameters' value fitting the model) and analysing static and dynamic behaviour (reproducing metabolism and study of limits).

The results of such studies have been reported in my PhD Thesis.