Simone Asnaghi

Bio Sketch ...some notes on my life
(that is, whatever my CV does not speak about!).

I was born in Rome, April 2, 1981, but this could happen to anyone :-)

I attended the High School for Science and Technology at "ITIS A.Volta" in Guidonia, Rome, for 4 years, but i was tired of waking up every morning at 6 to go to school so I decide to take take the degree earlier "by merit" in 1999.

After the high school diploma (with a score of 100/100), I enrolled in the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering, so I continued to wake up at 6 but that was to get in Rome. I graduated (Old Order) in the academic year 2004/2005 with a thesis entitled "Call Admission Control in Next Generation Networks: Strategies beyond technology" with a score of 108/110.

I left the University having in mind less knowledge than before, helping the Country to increase the ranks of the army of unemployed Italians.

"Bonanza" was short-lived: on July 2006, I started to work as a IT and Network security consultant.

A few months later, I won the competition for Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, first classified...and giving up the scholarship, due to salary I already had :-(

The difficulties faced every day were those of a student worker who has a job in a private consulting firm: work from morning to late evening, return home and start to work in front of the computer, studying topics not related to their profession and trying to find something new and innovative.

But passion got the better: in 18 February 2010 I take my PhD in Systems Engineering.

Currently I still work as a consultant and in free time I dedicate myself to research topics related both to what I studied during the PhD as to issues more related to my job... but as soon as I can, I pull the plug and I fly away...a journey, a book, my backpack, travel light in search of inspiration.